Delta Star takes quality down to the component level. As a result, we design and manufacture our critical components in-house in order to meet our customer’s specific requirements. This is just another reason why utilities all over the world trust Delta Star for all their power needs.

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Tank Fabrication

Tank Fabrication

Every steel tank is designed and manufactured at our factories, giving us both flexibility and control over quality and lead time. Because long-term tank integrity is absolutely essential for the reliability and long life of a transformer, Delta Star fabricates transformer tanks to meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. All tanks and covers are fabricated of high quality plate steel to withstand full vacuum. Tank corners are bent instead of welded to assure strength, reliability, and eliminate stress leaks. Welding is accomplished in a double shielded "mig" process that provides continuous welds. All tank seams are welded inside and outside to ensure leak free construction.


Tap Changer

De-energized Tap Changers and Switches

Delta Star’s commitment to building our own switches gives us the ability to make the complex multiple voltage designs that are unique to our product. Tap changing equipment used on Delta Star transformers are available for off-load or load applications. Both type units have been developed and improved to exceed the highest industry standards to provide long service life with minimum maintenance requirements. Off-load DETC units feature silver plated contacts and operate under spring-pressure to ensure positive contact. The tap changing control lever is operated externally. It clearly indicates the tap position and can be pad locked in the locked position. Load LTC units maintain the voltage at the load to the required level, automatically utilizing advanced technical design and the most durable high efficiency, long contact life, and maintenance-free operation (vacuum-reactor or resistor types are available).

Tank Fabrication

Preventive and Series Autotransformers

We consider this a vital component of a load tap changing power transformer. While others purchase these components from third party providers, we design and build ours in-house.

Tank Fabrication

Nitrogen Preservation Systems

Delta Star’s decades of building mobile substations has led to a reliable nitrogen system that is considered the best in the industry. Today we utilize that time-tested design on our regular power transformers just because they are superior to any other system on the market.

Tank Fabrication

Control Cabinets

In this area, the flexibility of Delta Star is most visible. Delta Star builds lightweight, durable aluminum enclosures and control cabinets. Our unmatched engineering staff designs transformer protection and relaying systems on some of the most complex transformers and mobile substations on the market. As a result, Delta Star has more experience in control cabinets than anyone in the industry.

Tank Fabrication

Paint System

Over the years Delta Star has relied on an epoxy-based primer with a polyurethane topcoat that we apply to every transformer. Our system underwent very extensive and rigid testing to comply with ANSI 57.12-28 and passed all tests including 1500 hours of salt fog test. This distinctive system, applied over a fully shot-blasted tank, gives us the best paint system in the world.