Delta Star mobile transformers and mobile substations provide the capabilities to quickly restore electrical service following an outage caused by a storm or other disaster, provide temporary new service while permanent facilities are being constructed and replace existing equipment during regularly scheduled maintenance. Delta Star engineers determine specific customer needs and exact equipment integration requirements prior to the design and manufacture of each quality mobile unit. Custom designed and built to order, each unit also has a wide variety of accessories and equipment options available to provide even greater capability and operating flexibility. Quick response installation time and equipment reliability are just two of the reasons why Delta Star units place far ahead of the competition.

Mobile transformers are particularly useful in the following conditions:
• Emergency Service
• New Service
• Temporary Service

Maximum Mobility

Delta Star mobile transformers and mobile substations are specifically designed and built for maximum mobility and safety. Mobile transformers are designed to withstand the additional road travel requirements and are welded to a trailer with air-ride suspension for maximum stability and protection for safe movement over uneven pavement or off-the-road travel. Mobile units are also designed to meet state and federal highway requirements.

Mobile Substations

A mobile substation is formed by adding other equipment, such as high voltage circuit breaker or circuit switchers, low voltage switch gear, fuses, and other special applications requirements to the mobile transformer. The major engineering objective is to design and build a mobile Delta Star substation to meet all customer requirements and still provide ease of installation and operation after being transported to the site. A Delta Star mobile substation can be put into service within hours.