Delta Star honors George Hudson as he became the first employee at the Lynchburg facility to celebrate 50 years of service.

Posted: October 14, 2019

Individual job excellence in the workplace is built upon the foundation of developed relationships. Relationships between the employee and their coworkers, the employee and management, and even the employee’s relationship between their personal and professional lives. With an established foundation, an employee can then focus on growing and developing professionally within the organization, developing a sense of loyalty to the company, the structure of the organization, in addition to their policies and procedures.

Policies and procedures in the workplace provide structure and guidance in the day-to-day operations of any organization. One policy that Delta Star strives to fulfill every day is their Quality Policy, a commitment to total customer satisfaction through teamwork, individual job excellence and continual improvement. The effort of upholding this policy and its promise would not be achievable without the dedicated employee workforce that comprises Delta Star.

It is through a commitment to excellence and expertise from employees in the power transformer and mobile substation industry that has generated more than 100 years of success at Delta Star. Earned wisdom has cultivated leading-edge advancements in the company’s culture, products and services.

Employment at Delta Star over the course of a significant time period has created a vast working knowledge of the company’s culture, products and services, enabling employees to know what does and doesn’t work. Delta Star, as an employee-focused organization, is committed to providing an environment where employees can work in confidence toward excellence, both individually and corporately.

Delta Star proudly recognizes pivotal employees who have made significant contributions to the company throughout the years with noteworthy years of service, solidifying expertise in the power transformer and mobile substation industry.

Recently, George Hudson became the first employee to celebrate 50 years of service at Delta Star’s Lynchburg facility. He began working at Delta Star in 1969, at the age of twenty, as a Molder. He worked his way up to Transformer Assembler V, developing a vast knowledge of the company’s culture, products and services. For the last 50 years, he has maintained and demonstrated a positive attitude and unfailing commitment to Delta Star and its employees.

There are currently 28 employees at Delta Star who have been with the company for more than 25 years, with the longest employee tenure being 54 years.

At Delta Star, the greatest asset the company has is their employees. To learn more about an exciting career with Delta Star and how you can impact tomorrow’s changing world, visit Delta Star’s careers page for more information.