Delta Star Hosts Virginia Governor as Administration Announces Energy Plan

Gov. Glenn Youngkin unveils the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan at Delta Star, Inc. in Lynchburg, Va. (Photo by Asa Keimig)

(LYNCHBURG, Va., Oct. 3, 2022) – Delta Star today hosted Governor Glenn Younkin at their Lynchburg manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters as the state’s administration released the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan (2022 VEP) which will serve as a roadmap for transforming the future of energy for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“The facility we stand in today opened its doors in 1961. For over 60 years, Delta Star has employed multiple generations of family members, strived to be a leading contributor in our community and a manufacturing mainstay in the great state of Virginia,” said Jason Greene, Delta Star’s president and chief executive officer. “Our origin goes back to 1908, when Delta Star was formed to provide electrical components to a rapidly growing country full of new energy and innovation. Fast forward 114 years, and we are still doing that very same thing.”

Greene was the opening speaker for the event and reassured the state’s administration of Delta Star’s commitment to continuously improve the performance, delivery and reliability of power to met the energy needs of the future. “We all know that resiliency, reliability and security of our state and nation’s energy profile is critical now more than ever before. We at Delta Star stand ready to play our part in the energy future of this great commonwealth,” Greene said.

The 2022 VEP highlighted opportunities to reduce costs for Commonwealth families and turn Virginia into a leading clean energy innovator through new nuclear technologies. “If you think about it, Lynchburg, Virginia is one of the hubs for energy” said Sen. Steve Newman. “Delta Star, of course, is a world leader in transformers and mobile substations but we also have BWXT and Framatome.” Two of the largest nuclear companies currently reside in Virginia, BWX Technologies and Framatome.

Youngkin delivered remarks and presented along with Secretary of Commerce and Trade Caren Merrick and Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Trade Chelsea Jenkins. “To ensure that virginia is the best place to live, to work, and to raise a family, virginia must grow. We’re seeing that opportunity to grow in the Commonwealth of Virginia. To fuel that growth, we need an achievable and dynamic energy plan that provides for abundant, reliable, affordable, and clean energy. And the way we are going to accomplish this is with an ‘all of the above’ approach,” Youngkin said.

He developed the plan based on seven guiding principles: affordability, reliability, capacity, competition, environmental stewardship, choice, and innovation. The “all of the above” approach includes natural gas, nuclear, renewables and embraces innovation and emerging technologies to meet the diverse needs of the Commonwealth’s businesses and residents both now and in the future.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin describes his “all-of-the-above” energy strategy. (Photo by Asa Keimig)

The 2022 VEP is to serve as a path forward for Virginia that moves towards responsibly incorporating renewable energy technologies while keeping energy rates affordable and guaranteeing reliable energy delivery. It runs in alignment with Delta Star’s mission to provide peace of mind through reliably connecting people in communities throughout North America to one of life’s most basic needs – electricity.

“What a great day to be at Delta Star!” said Youngkin. “This is a really important announcement, and I couldn’t think of a better place in the Commonwealth of Virginia to do it than to be right here at Delta Star.”

About Delta Star
Founded in 1908, Delta Star is recognized as an industry leader in pursuit of continuously improving the performance, delivery and reliability of power to meet the energy needs of the future. Headquartered in Lynchburg, Va., Delta Star, Inc. is the largest, American-owned medium transformer manufacturer in the United States and the premier manufacturer of mobile transformers in North America. Delta Star’s more than 850 employees are committed to providing provide peace of mind through reliably connecting people in communities throughout North America to one of life’s most basic needs – electricity. Stay up to date with Delta Star, Inc. on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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