Delta Star Case Study: Georgetown

Georgetown, Washington DC, USA skyline on the Potomac River.

About the Company

Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) is a part of Exelon Corporation, the leading energy provider in the United States with 10 million customers. With the goal of delivering safe, reliable, and affordable electric service, PEPCO serves more than 850,000 customers within the District of Columbia and Maryland. With a service territory of 640 square miles, PEPCO has nine facilities and 156 substations.

Scope of Work

Delta Star Field Service was awarded a contract to perform regasketing and parts replacement on four (4), 30 MVA, 69kV-13.8kV power transformers at a PEPCO Georgetown Substation. Field Service was tasked with providing manpower and equipment to complete pre-testing, drain, regasketing, vacuum oil filling, and post-testing of the four (4) transformers at the Georgetown Substation. Field Service technicians were to replace HV & LV bushings, all pumps, gauges and valves along with the oil processing and testing


The building housing the power transformers was located in a busy, prominent area of Georgetown. Due to restricted street access, Exelon-PEPCO was responsible for providing proper access and a staging area for Delta Star equipment.

The location of the substation provided several challenges that Delta Star Field Service would need to overcome.

Work would have to be performed without the use of a crane or boom. Access into the building was limited, prohibiting the use of any large equipment.

Because of the scope of work, Field Service technicians would have to run hose lines, accessible throughout the majority of the project, from the oil processing rig and tanker through the building. The bigger obstacle that presented itself from this component of the job was the sidewalk between the building and the equipment needed to remain open at all times for pedestrian traffic.

Field Service technicians were also responsible for following special city requirements which involved: parked equipment, hours worked, and limiting hours the oil processing rig could run because of noise within the Georgetown District.


Without the ability to use a crane or boom, because of limited access into the building, Delta Star engineers designed a makeshift lift using a large hook mounted on the ceiling 25 feet above the power transformers for Field Service technicians to remove bushings and pumps.

A walkway bridge was designed so that pedestrians could safely progress over the sidewalk, uninterrupted or delayed by hose lines running from the equipment through the building. Hoses from the processing rig and tanker parked along the street ran under the bridge and inside of the building. Work was performed without interruption while also providing safety for pedestrians on their daily commute.


The Field Service project took 12 weeks to complete (three weeks per transformer) with additional work being performed from issues that were discovered once the project had begun. Delta Star’s Field Service technicians provided superior and comprehensive service to ensure all transformers were able to operate at peak performance with a focus on preventive maintenance that would then minimize future unscheduled maintenance.

About Delta Star

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