Renowned National Laboratory Trusts
Delta Star for High-Power Results

(LYNCHBURG, Va., July 6, 2021) – Delta Star’s rich industry history has continued its expansion with a new milestone. Two Delta Star power transformers will be powering the new Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California which will be the future home of the El Capitan supercomputer. El Capitan will be the world’s fastest supercomputer in 2023, surpassing the current fastest machine which is the IBM-built Summit supercomputer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

For over a century, Delta Star has been manufacturing electrical power products of all sizes for utilities, industrials, corporations, and municipalities throughout North America. Through a commitment to quality, performance, delivery and reliability, Delta Star is set to become the largest, American-owned medium power transformer manufacturer in the United States.

“At Delta Star we have built an environment that places the needs of those we serve at the center of everything we do,” said Steve Newman, Vice President of Delta Star. “Our entire team is focused on constantly improving our products and our services. We strive, every day, to meet the energy needs of the future for our customers. Today we are pleased to see our commitment to quality has allowed us to power the fastest computer in the world. We thank the team at Lawrence Livermore for allowing us to partner on this remarkable achievement.”

Delta Star designed and manufactured two 40 MVA 115-13.8 kV transformers which will provide an enormous amount of power to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Housed underground, El Capitan will be the first supercomputer capable of rendering 3D simulations of nuclear bombs, genetic research, and astrophysical modeling, performing at 2 quintillion calculations per second.

Engineered for performance, reliability, and safety, Delta Star power transformers are fully customized to meet our customer’s unique needs and requirements. Utilities worldwide trust Delta Star for their industry-leading designs, high-performance components, and quality engineering.

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About Delta Star

Headquartered in Lynchburg, Va., Delta Star, Inc. is the largest, American-owned medium transformer manufacturer in the United States committed to providing superior, innovative client solutions that meet the energy needs of the future, through a culture of best-in-class customer service. Stay up to date with Delta Star, Inc. on LinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube.