Delta Star Field Service Completes Full-Service Project in Tennessee

(LYNCHBURG, Va., April 1, 2021) – Delta Star Field Service has completed a full scope project for a customer in East Tennessee, showcasing a commitment to quality products and services through a full-service package ensuring peak transformer performance.

Lenoir City Utilities Board (LCUB) in East Tennessee had reported leaks on an older transformer at their Turkey Creek Substation. The reported leaks had failed to be properly repaired in the past by other field service organizations.

A Delta Star Field Service crew arrived onsite and performed pre-electrical testing on the transformer then disassembled the existing transformer removing high side bushings, low side bushings, and radiators. The transformer was then transported to its new location for storage where the Delta Star crew re-assembled the unit. They were able to determine the source of the leaks were due to incorrect gasket sizes and packings used during prior attempts to stop the leaks.
The existing valves were rebuilt using the correct packings and radiator gaskets. All manhole and gauges were re-gasketed as well. The crew then pulled vacuum on the transformer to remove any moisture then oil filled the transformer using a state-of-the-art processing rigs. The transformer was tested electrically to confirm the unit was ready for service then released back to the customer.

The removal of the older transformer at Turkey Creek made way for a new 20 MVA Power Transformer from Delta Star’s Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu facility. The total project took three weeks to complete.

“Delta Star is able to provide field service support for maintenance as well as transformer relocations, decommissioning, and installations,” said Tim Rinks, Regional Sales Manager at Delta Star. “Because Delta Star is a transformer OEM, we were able to utilize our project management resources and manage the complete project for the Lenoir City Utilities Board. This brings an enormous value to the customer to have a single point of contact for transformer replacement and even sourcing those hard-to-find parts.”

Delta Star’s motto, Power at All Times, reflects a commitment to providing quality products and services. It also reflects the mission to provide peace of mind through reliably connecting people in communities throughout North America to one of life’s most basic needs – electricity.

For Delta Star Field Service, it is an ongoing initiative to provide excellent customer service for all customers through full-service packages which include installation, processing, and preventive maintenance that minimizes future unscheduled downtime and optimizes the life of a transformer. Delta Star aims to provide that level of quality at every field service job.

Services include:

  • Installation, Removal and Relocation
  • Standard & Diagnostic Testing
  • Transformer Repair & Preventive Maintenance
  • LTC Maintenance
  • Mobile Repair & Troubleshooting
  • Oil Processing (dehumidifying, degassing)
  • Gasket & Bushing Replacement
  • Control Cabinet Upgrades
  • On-board Controls Testing & Analysis

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About Delta Star

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