Delta Star Provides Mobile Training
with a Customer-Focused Mindset

(LYNCHBURG, Va., June 16, 2021) – For over 40 years, Delta Star has been delivering a complexly critical mobile product to fit any power substation application in the world through quality, reliability, and efficiency. A Delta Star Mobile Transformer Substation (MTS) has all the components of a full substation yet is enabled for instant mobility with deployment capabilities ranging in a timeframe from 6-24 hours. Each MTS provides flexibility and power, with a customer-focused mindset.

The commitment and focus on quality extend beyond products to include services as well. Customers will be provided with an interactive, hands-on training opportunity where a specialized mobile training team is deployed to provide on-site mobile training, including classroom sessions followed by hands-on instruction. For safety and convenience, Delta Star provides a new state-of-the-art technical training room allowing customers to attend the classroom portion of the training remotely without the complications of travelling to a centralized location.

The Mobile Training Team works with utilities, industrials, corporations, and municipalities to exchange and discuss best strategies and practices for optimization of a Delta Star MTS.

The classroom training begins with the review of transformer nameplate information, which is a valuable source of information to use as a guide for the mobile substation. Training is thorough and in-depth for mechanics and maintenance groups as they review and discuss the electrical and mechanical aspects of their personal mobile substation. Groups then review and learn about the transformer’s Auxiliary Power and Protection Scheme, concluding their classroom training with questions and a discussion.

Training then moves from the classroom to the field with hands-on instruction. The Delta Star team and customer groups review all practical aspects of the mobile substation. Walking around the unit, discussion focuses on all elements of the mobile substation including proper handling, assem­bly techniques, and mobile positioning, landing, and levelling.

Hands-on training then shifts to preparation for operation, transit, or storage. The groups train on operating the High Voltage Circuit Switcher and establishing readiness for service while discussing general advice for travel, setup, testing, and storage.

Training is completed within a one- to two-day timeframe but the timelines vary from customer to customer. The focal point for each training session is to ensure customer groups are comfortable and familiar with their MTS as it supports the function of critical infrastructure for public health and safety.

“Our focus is on providing solutions by concentrating on our customer’s individual needs and avoiding a one size fits all solutions,” said Zach Martin, Director of Corporate Sales. “We are constantly improving our approach to serve our customers more effectively.”

As the leading transformer manufacturing and substation services company in the industry, and the largest, American-owned medium transformer manufacturer in the United States, Delta Star is committed to providing peace of mind through reliably connecting people in communities throughout North America to one of life’s most basic needs – electricity.

Learn more about Delta Star’s mobile transformers and contact us today to set up your next mobile training.

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Headquartered in Lynchburg, Va., Delta Star, Inc. is the largest, American-owned medium transformer manufacturer in the United States committed to providing superior, innovative client solutions that meet the energy needs of the future, through a culture of best-in-class customer service. Stay up to date with Delta Star, Inc. on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.