Servicing an Architectural Landmark

Post Street Substation, originally designed by famed architect Kirtland Cutter, distributes electrical power generated by the Upper Falls and Monroe Street hydroelectric plants.


The retrofits would need to incorporate the relocation of cooling from water cooled Oil Forced Water Forced (OFWF), fed from a river, to Oil Forced Air Forced (OFAF) coolers eliminating the discharge of cooling water into the river.

Air intake and exhaust systems would need to be designed in a way so that there would be no impacts or alterations to the historic brick and windows of the Post Street building while observing all safety rules and procedures established by state and local safety rules and regulations to ensure ensuring public safety.


Transformers need to be retrofit


Week timeline to complete the project



Year-old building


Design of a forced air OFAF cooling system for two substation transformers and two generation transformers.


OFAF Cooling System design which incorporated:

  • Equipment Platforms
  • Pipe Supports
  • Wall Penetrations
  • Electric Service Requirements
  • System Ventilation
  • Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of Air Flow

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