Field Service

Maximize the life of your transformer with comprehensive field service engineering, testing and maintenance.

Field Service Engineering

Our expertise keeps existing equipment efficient and reliable by optimizing performance and extending the lifespan. We service ANY brand, size, and type.

OEM Engineering Support

Electrical, Mechanical, and Controls engineering support and expertise is readily available for all Field Service projects.

OEM Test Support

Factory test technicians are available for field assignments with the knowledge and equipment needed for all tests required.

OEM Materials Support

Replacement parts at OEM discounted prices are available with most common parts in stock for emergency needs.

Our Technicians

Responsible for executing hundreds of complex substation service projects on an annual basis, Delta Star Technicians have over 300 years of combined experience in the field and install more than 100 transformers a year, trained in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

Field Service Solutions

Standard Services

Installations, Regasketing, Relocations, Repairs & Preventative Maintenance, Inspections, Engineering Services, and more!

Oil Processing Services

Vacuum Filling, Hot Oil Degasification, Transformer Dry Out, Oil Testing & Analysis, Dissolved Gas Analysis, and more!

Maintenance Services

Painting, LTC Inspection, Reclamping, Cooling System Repairs, Bushing Replacement, Oil Preservation System, and more!


Power Factor Transformer, Power Factor Bushings, Excitation, Ground, Winding Resistance, SFRA, Leakage Reactance, and more!

Field Service Advantage



  • 30 – 50 GPM Oil Processing Trailers
  • Full Degassing Capabilities
  • Continuous Dry Air System
  • Dew Point Monitoring
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We provide logistical support to transport and relocate transformers to ensure your it arrives protected and on time.

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Our technicians receive extensive technical and safety training, proper PPE and train in accordance with OSHA requirements.

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