Our full-service packages include installation, processing, and standard maintenance on transformers from all manufacturers.
  • Installation, Removal and Relocation
  • Standard & diagnostic testing
  • Transformer repair & preventive maintenance
  • LTC Maintenance, Overhaul, & Retrofit
  • Mobile repair & troubleshooting 
  • Oil processing (dehumidifying, degassing)
  • Gasket & bushing replacement 
  • Control cabinet upgrades 
  • On-board controls testing & analysis 
Leading-Edge Equipment

Delta Star technicians employ the latest technology to help substations meet today’s high regulatory standards, using professionally maintained and calibrated tools and equipment at every stage of the process. 

Our Equipment Capabilities
30 – 50 GPM Oil Processing Trailers
Our oil processing, testing, and filtration equipment helps maximize transformer lifecycles for enhanced operability.
Continuous Dry Air System
Our onboard equipment provides constant dehumidification processing to help extend the life of your transformers.
Full Degassing Capabilities
We isolate and remove hazardous transformer oil contaminants to prevent asset downtime.
Dew Point Monitoring
We use the latest dew point sensors and monitors to help ensure accurate moisture levels for superior transformer reliability.
Comprehensive Field Testing

Our technicians use the latest technologies and industry practices to ensure testing accuracy and repeatability. 



  • Power Factor Bushing
  • Power Factor Transformer 10 kV Excitation
  • Megger Winding and Core Ground
  • Functional Testing of Protection and Control Circuits
Advanced Testing & Diagnostics
Delta Star offers Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA), CT’s (Ratio, Resistance, Saturation Curves), Winding Resistance, Ultrasonic Leak Detection, Leakage Reactance, Thermal Imaging, Dewpoint, Dielectric Frequency Response, and Oil Testing.