The Leading Transformer Manufacturer
As a transformer manufacturer with over 100 years of experience, we engineer industry-leading power transformers to help utilities enhance substation reliability and maintain peak performance.

Scope & Capabilities

Power Transformer 200 15-345
Auto Transformer 300 34.5-345
Voltage Regulator 7 15-115
Grounding Transformer - 15-115
Generator Step-up Same Ratings as Type 1 & 2 Same Ratings as Type 1 & 2
Unit Auxiliary 60 15-34.5
Designed by Industry Experts

Our engineers use state-of-the art transformer design software to ensure transformer reliability, accuracy and efficiency. This includes: 

  • TRDO to enable innovative transformer design capabilities for a range of applications  
  • ELMAG-3D to gauge load loss and temperature rise calculation in structural components 
  • TELAX-2D to calculate main insulation electrical strength and optimize windings insulation structure 
  • WELDINST short circuit analysis to test the mechanical strength, rigidity and stability of transformer windings 
Tested for Safety & Reliability

Our engineers and technicians measure transformer performance data throughout manufacturing to verify compliance to design criteria as well as adherence to IEEE, ASTM, NEMA and ISO 9001:2015 technical and quality standards. These tests include: 

  • Low-voltage testing
  • Loss measurement testing
  • Thermal testing
  • Sound level testing
  • Functional control testing
  • High-voltage dielectric testing
Mobile Transformers
Engineered to your unique specifications and requirements, Delta Star mobile transformers are delivered ready to deploy and feature high-performance components in a compact, mobile design.