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Delta Star power transformers are individually designed and manufactured to exceed the highest industry standards and the exact specifications for the particular application.


Utility applications include power, distribution, generator step up, unit auxiliaries (UAT), grounding units, voltage regulators and auto transformers.

Reliable and built to withstand 40+ years of continuous use, our Power Transformers are:

  • Thoroughly tested for safety and reliability
  • Unique vacuum sealed room for drying
  • Customized to your utility’s unique requirements

How Delta Star Customizes Your Power Transformer:

Our engineers use state-of-the art transformer design software to ensure transformer reliability, accuracy and efficiency. This includes:

  • TRDO to enable innovative transformer design capabilities for a range of applications
  • ELMAG-3D to gauge load loss and temperature rise calculation in structural components
  • TELAX-2D to calculate main insulation electrical strength and optimize windings insulation structure
  • WELDINST short circuit analysis to test the mechanical strength, rigidity and stability of transformer windings
Power Transformer Capabilities
Power Transformer
Auto Transformer
Voltage Regulator
Grounding Transformer
Generator Step-up
Unit Auxiliary
Up to 200
Up to 300
Up to 7
Same Ratings as Auto Transformer and Voltage Regulator
Up to 60
Up to 345
Up to 345
Up to 115
Up to 115
Same Ratings as Auto Transformer and Voltage Regulator
Up to 34.5

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    Who should use a power transformer vs. a mobile transformer?

    A Delta Star power transformer is a permanent power solution that could power an entire municipality. Mobile transformers are meant to power smaller entities but can also be used as a permanent solution.