Unitized Substation

Turnkey Solutions With Greater Capacity and Operating Flexibility

Built for fast deployment and industry-leading reliability, our unitized substations feature best-in-class designs and components.


Delta Star’s unitized substations are a self-contained compact design equipped to handle emergencies and planned outages, seasonal and temporary loads, and special projects.

Our power solutions have maintained their impeccable reputation for over 100 years.

  • Built for fast deployment and industry-leading reliability
  • Engineered for resiliency and performance
  • Customized to your utility’s unique requirements

How Our Unitized Substations are Turnkey and Customized For Your Utility

Delta Star will ensure your unitized substation works with existing solutions or part of a custom package. Our unitized substations are manufactured with:

  • A Small Footprint arrow_green

    This makes the unitized substation perfect for dense urban areas

  • Robust and Lightweight arrow_green

    This makes your solution easily transportable to its final location

  • Meets Specific Regulations arrow_green

    The final destination can impact certain customizations. Our team is well versed in the requirements of all localities we serve

Our Substation Capabilities
Unitized Substations
Auto Transformer
Voltage Regulator
HV Circuit Trailer
HV Breaker Trailer
LV Breaker Trailer
Up to 100
Up to 100
Up to 7
Up to 230
Up to 230
Up to 69
Up to 230
Up to 230
Up to 69

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    Who should use a unitized substation?

    A Delta Star unitized substation is perfect for a municipality that is planning to have an outage, additional seasonal or temporary power needs, or has special projects planned in the future. These substations are smaller than a power transformer, and built to give your utility an extra boost when needed.