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Access into the building was very limited prohibiting the use of any large equipment, such as a crane or boom.

The building housing the transformers was located in a busy prominent area of Georgetown and would require the sidewalk between the building and the equipment remain open at all times for pedestrian traffic and free from obstructions.

Special city requirements involved parked equipment, hours worked, and limi tedhours the oil processing rig could run because of noise within the Georgetown District.


Transformers in need of service


Week timeline to complete the project


MVA transformers with 69kV-13.8kV


A makeshift lift was designed 25’ feet above the transformers to remove bushings and pumps and walkway bridge was designed allowing hoses from the processing rig and tanker to run under the bridge and inside of the building.


Delta Star’s Field Service team provided superior and comprehensive service while meeting city requirements and ensuring the safety of pedestrians in and near the area.

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