The Mobile Substation Leader

As the premier manufacturer of mobile transformers and mobile substations in the United States, Delta Star is the market leader in turnkey substation solutions for investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives and municipals. 

  • Integrated, compact design 
  • Mounted on heavy-duty trailers or skids 
  • High and low voltage protection options 
  • Arrive fully assembled and ready to install 
Mobile Substations Engineered for Multiple Applications
Delta Star mobile substations are designed and built for easy mobility and quick deployment over a range of applications.

Our Substation Capabilities

Mobile & Unitized Substations <100 25-230
Auto-Transformer <100 15-230
Voltage Regulator 7 5-69
HV Circuit Switcher Trailer - <230
HV Breaker Trailer - <230
LV Breaker Trailer - <69
Cabie Reel Trailer - -
Capacitor Bank Trailer - -
Related Mobile Solutions
Beyond mobile substations, Delta Star offers a complete lineup of made-to-order mobile solutions designed to maximize uptime and provide utility support.